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Chevron Tile – Always a Favourite!

Quite often we get clients calling the Studio wanting a pattern that will make an impact, yet will feel timeless for years to come. One style we recommend is any of our chevron patterns. This classic motif makes a perfect addition to any space, whether it’s traditional or modern, bold or serene. With these patterns, the devil really is in the details, and the combination of colours and materials will make these tiles as daring as you want them to be.

Kelly Deck and Lindsay Gunther of Kelly Deck Design, had some fun creating this custom art glass backsplash for a contemporary kitchen concept. Although the colours fall into the neutral category, the backsplash definitely demands attention.

Chevron Kelly Deck


The Caprio Art Glass Mosaic in Ivory and Veil is a perfect backdrop to this traditional (yet decorative!) vanity.


The version below of the Caprio, in Veil and White glass,  is a quieter way to add some interest to a backsplash or bathroom, and because the two glass colours are whites, the combination will work with most colour palettes.

Caprio Veil_White2


Debuting at the IDS show in Toronto this winter, the “Chevronelle” Glass Connectable is an edgy, modern version of a chevron, and was a favourite of Canadian designers who dropped by the booth. (Thanks for the tweet Sarah Richardson!) What makes this tile fun is the mixture of matte and glossy back-painted glass,  with small touches of acid-etched mirror that add just the right amount of “zing”.


And of course, we have the Artistic Stone designs. The “Taj” pattern works well on its own for a complete floor, or as a rug,  seen here partnered with the “Sienna” border.

Taj w Sienna Border


And saving my favourite for last – this is the stone version of the Caprio, created for Beyond Beige Interior Design. They decided to alternate between honed and polished marble. Works beautifully,  don’t you think?

Beyond Beige Award Winning Kitchen


Thanks for visiting!





Ready to Ship - Harlequin Backsplash2

“Harlequin” Art Glass Backsplash

Ready to Ship - Harlequin Backsplash

Happy Friday!

Here is the result of a homeowner’s decision to buck the classic Subway tile trend, and instead introduce a more custom, albeit timeless, tile design to her kitchen.  Adds some “zing“, don’t you think?

Thanks, Miriam, for choosing our tile as part of your reno plan,  and for forwarding the photos of your finished kitchen.  It looks terrific.




Update From IDS14

Our home for the next few days.

Our home for the next few days.

Dear all,

The show is great, as always.  And, as always, wish I had an unlimited bank account so that I could purchase the beautiful furniture, glass sculptures, mosaics, lighting fixtures and textiles that surround us in Studio North.  The talent is remarkable.

Here are a few pics of our booth just before the opening night party (huge success and tons of fun), and some pics of our neighbours, with more to come!


Terrific display by a Quebec design collaborative

Terrific display by a Quebec design collaborative

Frame from our neighbour, Karen, of Mosaicworks

Frame from our neighbour, Karen, of Mosaicworks






"Seashells" in Veil art glass

IDS 2014: Introducing New Art Glass Mosaic Tiles

Our bags are packed, and we’re ready to go…well, not quite, but we’re getting there.

We will be back  in Studio North showing new designs, new colours and new materials.   Here is a sneak peak at 4 new designs joining the ever-popular Art Glass Mosaic Collection.  Along with new art glass colours, the possibilities for your made-to-order, one- of- a- kind tile creation just got better.  Come by for a visit!



"Circulo" using Pewter and Pure art glass

“Circulo” using Pewter and Pure art glass


"Seashells" in Veil art glass

“Seashells” in Veil art glass


"Arrondi" in Driftwood art glass

“Arrondi” in Driftwood art glass


"Viento" using Seaport, Atlantic, Roan and Aqua art glass

“Viento” using Seaport, Atlantic, Roan and Aqua art glass









Unbelievable Tiled Bathroom



Detailed Bathos Glass Connectable:  Love the combo of Charcoal, Blue and White glass

Detailed Bathos Glass Connectable: Love the combo of Charcoal, Blue and White glass

I know what you’re thinking:  “This can’t be a real photo”. 

But it is! 

This was just sent to us today from a client in Southern California.  Isn’t it something? We’re thrilled,  not only  by the photo, but by these very kind words:

“It looks amazing, thank you all for your hard work on that order, you all are very talented craftsmen”

Thanks A.S.  Nice way to start our weekend.

Custom Caprio - Pewter3

Custom Chevron Tile Finishes Off a Kitchen Facelift


 Custom Caprio - Pewter



OK – so this was a bit more than a “facelift”.  The Vancouver home was renovated from the top of its post-and-beam, vaulted ceiling,  to the beautiful oak flooring. 

The home now has a full open-concept kitchen,  dining and living room – an absolute requirement for this family that LOVES to throw parties and entertain.  Some key criteria in their tile decision was finding  a neutral tile that was unique,  yet had a design that would stand the test of time.  After considering the  ”Subway” Glass Connectable,  the “Caprio”  Art Glass Mosaic, and the “Laurel” from our new Ready-to-Ship Collection, our client decided to create their own tile that was a mix of their two favourites.  We created a slightly larger version of “Caprio”, using the Pewter art glass of the “Laurel”. 

Great job by the homeowners, and by Vince from Provetto Solutions who did a masterful installation!



A dream "inspiration board"!

Ode to Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Colour of the Year


Radiant, Custom-Coloured Tiles!

On December 5th,  Pantone revealed the Colour of the Year for 2014: PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of this colour in print, fashion and of course, interiors! (As a matter of fact, Style at Home’s February cover story includes shades of the colour.  Great reno!)

We recently had a customer ask us to use custom colours to back-paint the glass in pink and lavender,  for one of our Glass Connectable designs, the Detailed Moroccan.  We were happy to oblige, and  couldn’t help but notice how these colours complement Radiant Orchid.

Colour options are nothing we have a shortage of here at Edgewater Studio, and we encourage our customers not be afraid to use them.  Enclosed is one example how to use this bold and bright tile in a bathroom, with splashes of our bright new friend, Radiant Orchid.



New Addition to Glass Connectables – “Glace” Acid Etched Mirror

With the arrival of December comes a month of holidays and good cheer.  Unfortunately in Vancouver it also means the arrival of frigid temperatures, freezing rain, and frost-covered cars greeting you each morning.   This year, however, we’ve gained inspiration from this icy weather.

 We are proud to introduce our latest colour addition to the Glass Connectable family- “Glacé”. Like the 12 other glass options in the collection, this new shimmering silver color is created from back-painted glass, but this one is a little different.  It’s actually acid- etched mirror.


Here is a shot of our Arabesque design, bedecked with this new material.  And it’s simply divine in combination with some of our water-inspired colours….which you will see at IDS14 in Toronto next month.

Hope to see you there!


Art Deco-inspired glass tile – love the glamour!

Glamorous "Plume" in Black, Ivory and Mirror art glass

Glamorous “Plume” in Black, Ivory and Mirror art glass


‘Tis the season for bright lights, glittery ornaments and other holiday razzle-dazzle.

We are producing an Art Deco-inspired tile for a design firm in Calgary that will be sure to bring glitz and glamour for years to come. They have chosen our three-coloured  “Plume” Art Glass Mosaic to be made from our Black, Ivory and Mirror glass. This tile will be adorning the wall of a pub, and with the combination of glass colours chosen, it’s sure to demand attention.

Thinking of adding some sparkle to a space by way of tile?  Give us a call!

Siraj in Watercolour

Edgewater Studio’s Ready-to-Ship – adding on

We announced our Ready-to-Ship Collection – 5 designs, each with its own colour/mix - and have been getting a great response that has been keeping us really busy (thanks!).   Within weeks of our announcement, we’ve received requests to expand the mix, offering designs in some of the other Ready-to-Ship colours.  And since we are small and nimble…. its done!  So here is what we shipped last week – Siraj in Watercolour.  Pretty!

So it’s official. Siraj is now available in two colours – Roan and Watercolour.  We’re adding to the combinations of colours and patterns, so stay tuned.   


Siraj in Watercolour

Siraj in Watercolour


...and in Roan

…and in Roan