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Honeycomb Glass Connectable in Linen and White

Edgewater Studio Profiled in Design Today



“Wall Couture”,  in the April edition of North Carolina’s Design Today, profiles recent trends in unique wall coverings.  A great profile of “nouveau” designer wallpapers, that have been seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Those of us with enough  gray hair can remember the less-than- attractive wallpapers in our childhood homes, and the nightmare involved in removing them.  Thank goodness for progress!!

Then there is simply beautiful Italian gemstone wall coverings  from Antolini.  You have to see the images to appreciate them.

Hope that you enjoy reading this  -the article starts on 72.   And our thanks to Kyra Gemberling for reaching out and profiling us.


Siraj in Watercolour

Siraj in Watercolour

Kitchen Elegance by Vancouver’s Beyond Beige



We thoroughly enjoy profiling the talents of our clients.  This is a recent project by Beyond Beige Interior Design - the firm is also a well-deserved recipient of the Best of Houzz 2015.

We had the pleasure of collaborating again with the design team at Beyond Beige to create this backsplash.  It is classic, elegant and we simply love it.  Enjoy more photos of the project in its entirety on their Houzz site.


Stone Medallion - SilverSandBlackCalacatta2

We won Best of Houzz 2015




What a great way to start the week! We received a message from Houzz announcing that Edgewater Studio was among the recipients of the Best of Houzz 2015 award. We’re flattered, particularly to be recognized for providing great Customer Service, which is at the heart of what makes us different.

Thanks to Houzz, and to the clients and wonderful designers with whom we so we so enjoy working!





Rockwood kitchens_04

Calgary’s Rockwood Custom Homes

We have the pleasure of working with Rockwood Custom Homes, an award winning designer and builder of exquisite homes.  The images certainly tell the tale, so we encourage you to visit their site.

In this kitchen, the Rockwood design team chose the “Vintage” Glass Connectable, with a blend of Classic and Detailed tiles.  If I stretch my imagination, I can see myself standing in this kitchen, holding a nice, big glass of wine, with lots of friends milling about …..sigh!



Cincinnati Junior League’s 2014 Kitchen Tour…with a small touch of Edgewater Studio!


Home, kitchen and garden tours……LOVE THEM!    It feels as though we would need an 8th day added to every week, especially at this time of year, to attend these tours, that are often held to support wonderful causes.

Our client, Jared, opened his doors in support of the Cincinnati Junior League’s 2014 Kitchen Tour.  Based on the photos, Clay Griffith of Cincinnati Refined seems to have captured the day quite accurately!……

The fourth annual event, which went down Saturday, November 8, was equal parts progressive party, foodie fair, and style show. With plenty of tasty bites, drool-worthy design concepts, and opportunities for socializing (not to mention the occasional fashion surprise), it’s no wonder folks get their tickets early.

Lovely, livable and inviting homes and kitchens, and food that looks simply divine!





Here are a few photos  – one of our Glass Connectable Moroccan,  custom sized and framed as a feature, and another Arts and Crafts kitchen and tile backsplash that we love (sorry, don’t know who made this), a style that is so popular in this part of the US.





Thanks for forwarding Jared, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.





Kempkes kitchen Close Up

Stunning New York Kitchen

One of our customers in New York was kind enough to share with us a lovely image of her backsplash, and I am sure it will be inspiring for many other design –savvy individuals looking for the perfect tile to finish off their contemporary white kitchens. Soft white cabinets paired with white or grey marble countertops are in vogue these days, and our Detailed Moroccan Glass Connectable tile in White Gloss and Matte Linen works perfectly! The mix of gloss  and matte glass gives the tile a kind of 3-dimensional look, while still remaining subtle and elegant.

In a conversation while we were planning her backsplash, Melissa,  the owner of this beautiful home, laughed when saying “if I can only convince my husband”…I’m pretty sure he is convinced now.

Well done and thanks for sending us the photo Melissa!

Kempkes kitchen


Quill Delche - Kitchen Backsplash2 (2)

Introducing the “Quill” Art Glass Mosaic


Quill is the newest addition to the Art Glass Mosaic Collection.  Clean lines, delicate, lovely.  Here is a peak at the tile in warm Delche –  a great contrast with the dark wood cabinets.  The homeowners even managed to find pendant lights in a similar art glass colour – How lucky is that?



Quill in Delche - Kitchen Backsplash4 (2)

And since it’s August 29th and the unofficial end of the summer (sigh), we wish everyone a wonderful weekend.    Hope that you have plans to make the most of it.

3D-Cube Art Glass Tile – Introducing the Paragon

Paragon - Black (not waterglass) 2

Recognize this?  I have always loved patterns that have a multi-dimensional effect.   Pouring through design media over a mug of tea (Saturday morning ritual), I’ve found this 3-D cube pattern on vinyl floors in modern kitchens, in marquetry,  and in textiles – the latter sometimes in understated tones, or in bright, bold and multi-coloured combinations (think fuschia and orange!)

Why the sudden interest in this geometrical pattern?  Recently, a designer contacted us, inquiring as to whether we could create a tile for her of a pattern that she had seen in her travels, and “ta-da!”,  our art glass Paragon pattern was born. I think I’m in love! The designer chose our crisp, solid “White” art glass for the kitchen she was working on, and hopefully we can see some install images when the project is completed.  It makes a bold statement in solid “Black” art glass as well, and the light bouncing off the glass brings out a subtle depth even when using a single colour.

Paragon - White (not water glass) 2


As we spring fully into summer, to those of you north of the 49th, Happy Canada Day, and to our southern neighbours, Happy 4th.

Thanks for visiting.


Spring has sprung!

Signs of Spring

It has been a busy few months.  Here are a few projects that have been heading out the door, and there seems to be a trend happening.   Not sure whether it’s the arrival of the warmer weather after a very cold and long winter endured by so many, or maybe it’s inspiration from the design media we all so enjoy,  and the interest this year on shades of lilac (House and Home’s May edition) and touches of pink (Style at Home’s May issue).  We are getting requests for vibrant greens, yellows, soft pinks and lilacs.  Here are a few examples that have gone out the door in the past few weeks.

We start off with something a bit different, above:  A custom designed, Chinoiserie-inspired art glass mural that will keep a bathroom in perpetual springtime.

The next two will be adorning the walls of powder rooms.  Can’t wait to see the images of the final look.


A fresh twist on the Detailed Moroccan back painted glass.

A fresh twist on the Detailed Moroccan back painted glass.

Vintage in lively Safari art glass

Vintage in lively Safari art glass


Sand Dollar is available in large format stone for floors, and in smaller format in Art Glass for walls.  A foyer in Calgary is getting this pretty stone combination of marble and onyx, framed in the Herringbone Border.

AS Sand D_Carrara.Honey



Plume-mirrorblackivory (2)

Historic Calgary Restaurant that “WOWs”! The Bank and Baron P.U.B.

Art Glass Mosaic "Plume" in Black, White and Mirror art glass

Art Glass Mosaic “Plume” in Black, White and Mirror art glass

If you have ever been to Calgary, you have no doubt walked past or gone into the historic Bank of Nova Scotia building on Stephen’s Ave.  This magnificent piece of architectural history has recently re-opened as The Bank and Baron P.U.B., and we had the pleasure of working with Interior Designer Jacqueline Corea, her team at Corea Sotropa,  and the installation team at KBM Commercial Floor Coverings, to create the tiled wall that, in our humble opinion, is pretty spectacular.

This article in Avenue Magazine captures the historic importance of the building, and the devotion of the pub owners to restoring the building to an awe-inspiring splendor.


Photo courtesy of Avenue Magazine

Photo courtesy of Avenue Magazine


We hope that you will enjoy this little piece of history, and if you’re in Calgary, enjoy some of the pub’s 26 beers on tap!